Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 JAMB Direct Entry Online Registration Procedure For NCE|OND|HND|DEGREE

By following these eight (8) Simple Steps, you will be able to register 2015 Jamb Direct.

What you need, to start and complete the online registration
1. Scan White Background Passport Photography Coloured -15kb, not more than 3 months
2. Your Previous MPCE or UTME Registration Number.
3. JAMB Direct Entry Scratch Card Pin and Serial Number.
4. Finger Print Scanner (Digital Persona).
5. Internet Services.
5. Java Runtime version 1.6. or 1.7 only.

To be able to start and complete the online registration process, you need a username and password

Step 1.
Visit the website
Type in the pin and serial number,
Select the option > MPCE, UTME or Equivalent
Select the option of your choice > HND/OND, NCE, 1st or 2nd Degree
Type in your previous JAMB registration number
Click on Signup

jamb direct entry login page

Steps 2.
Enter your username and password and click on proceed

Steps 3.
Finger Print Capturing
A pre-load of your information from your previous JAMB registration number display
Re-enter/edit your date of birth if you wish to make changes to it.
Capture your left and right thumb print using the usb digital persona
if you made a mistake click on Start afresh, if not, click on proceed to continue
jamb direct entry finger print capture

Steps 4.
Finger Print Re-Confirmation
Re-capture your left and right thumb print
When done, click on proceed to continue
jamb direct entry recapture finger print

Steps 5.
Pre-load of your data from your previous JAMB registration number display
Enter your email address and gsm number
Upload your scan passport
Click on continue to proceed
jamb direct entry passport validate

Steps 6.
Fill in all the necessary information, when done, click on confirm to continue
jamb direct entry bio data

Steps 7.
Information Preview
Go through all the information you have filled in, if you found any mistake click on edit registration to make changes.

To re-start afresh, click on Discard
To Concludes your registration, and make your slip available for printing, click on Submit
NOTE: Modification is not allowed after submission
jamb direct entry page preview

Steps 7a
Click on submit,
To continue submitting of the form, Click on Ok

jamb direct entry infomation confirmation

Steps 8.
Registration Photo card
Print out at least two copies of your photo card after submitting.
jamb direct entry photocard

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

JAMB CBT RESULT -You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks, Just Follow These Simple Official Steps For Solution

(Jamb Accredited Registration Centre for 2014 UTME Online Processing)
6 Ejemudarho Street (situated at Fasco Table Water Building) Up-stare,
Opposite Okere Urhobo Kingdom Palace Main Gate,
Off Okumagba Avenue Road & Cinema Site/Junction,
Warri, Delta State.
mobile no: 08051311885,08064222999

Don’t panic if you get an error message saying “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks — Please, purchase e-facility card to check your result” each time you try to print your JAMB CBT results.
It does NOT mean your results were seized, pending or not released at all. It simply means that you (your friends or anyone else with your registration number) have tried to check that same result up to five (5) times. 

The only solution to the problem of “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks – is to purchase e-facility card to check your result - Jamb Original Result.
Although we know you can still print the result using “E-bundle Card”, but that can only give you a notification of result – and not the original. It is wiser to get the original slip with your passport and other details instead of a mere notification that cannot be used for post UTME screening. –

When you pay for this card, we send you the card PIN number and Serial number instantly. If you like, we can also help you to check your result with the card and send to your email address free. To buy the e-facility pin from us, see instructions below

Questions and Answer about The JAMB E-Facility Checker Scratch Card

Is the UTME e-registration scratch card same as e-facility scratch card
No, the UTME e-registration scratch card is only used to register candidate online, while the e-facility scratch card is used to print out your jamb original result when you have exceeded the maximum number of free checks, admission letter and retrieving of lost jamb reg no.


Can the JAMB scratch (UTME e-registration scratch card) used for my online registration, can it be used to check my result?
Answer: No. it does not work, you can only used it to reprint your photo-card, not to check result.

How much do you sell your e-facility scratch card?
Unit price (9 and below) is 1700
Bulk price (from 10 and above) is N1500

How can I purchase the e-facility scratch card from you?
Answer: Yes, before making any payment please call or text me (08051311885)

Option 1a.
Payment Via Bank Deposit
Bank Name: Access Bank
Account Name: Obaleagbon Charles
Account Number: 1013558136

Bank Name: First Bank
Account Name: Obaleagbon Charles
Account Number: 3025687302

Option 1b.
Payment Via ATM
1. Go to the nearest ATM machine close to you
2. Insert your card and enter your PIN as usual
3. Choose “Quickteller” from the options or Fund transfer in case of ECOBANK
4. Select Fund Transfer
5. Then select “Interbank Transfers”
6. Choose the bank you want to transfer the money to:
7. Then choose your own account type (Savings or Current)
8. You’ll be prompted to choose the account type of the recipient (our acct. are all Saving)
9. Proceed to enter our bank account number and the amount (our account number 3025687302 First Bank)
10. Confirm whether everything is correct, If everything is Ok, then make the payment.
11. You'll get a confirmation message about your transfer.

2. After payment, send an sms in this format displayed below to 08051311885.
>Depositor Name:
>Teller no:
>Jamb Registration no:
>Mobile No:
>Exam Year:

Option 2.
Meet us in person at our office address above.

How do i make use of the e-facility scratch card to check my result?
visit the website as shown below, click on Result slip printing enter your e-facility pin, serial number and jamb registration number, finally click on submit

A Graphical Representation

What is the maximum numbers of times can i used it to check my result?
Five (5) times, once you exceed it. you have to buy a new one and it can not be used to check someone else result, apart from the first jamb reg no. it was used for.


Monday, January 12, 2015


Why do I have to cancel my jamb (utme) registration and re-enrolled.
If you made a mistake such as such as wrong date of birth, spelling of name(s) and local govt. of origin and you think that it will affect you during admission process (physical clearance).

Other reasons are
Mistakenly filled wrong exam location, and later calculated that the expenses involved to and fro is far more than buying a new form
Personal reason best know to you.

When is cancellation of registered form possible?
During the valid period of registration.

Is it only Jamb CBT center that can cancel my registered form?
No. if you have the details listed below you can do it yourself.

Information you need to enable the cancellation of your utme registration
1. Your jamb (utme) scratch card pin and serial number
2. The correct date of birth used in the processing of the form
3. Finger print scanner (Digital Persona)
4. Internet facility

Below are the step/procedure
1.Visit the website, enter your pin and serial number and click on sign in

2.  Click on Cancel registration

3.  Check on I accept the risk and want to run this application and click on run

4. Click on don't block

5. Place your thumb (right or left) on the finger print machine 

 6. Click on proceed >>

7.  A message show saying “Cancellation of Registration allows your to cancel your current credentials and registration, rendering the PIN invalid. However, if you wish to make a new registration you can do so by purchase a new card.
Click "Cancel Registration" button to cancel otherwise close this page now!!!"
to continue the cancellations, enter the correct date of birth used to register the form and click on cancel registration.

8. Click on ok.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Last Days at Forcados High School - Official Jamb Literature for 2015 CBT Examination

 The Last Days at Forcados High School -The official literature for 2015 JAMB Examination

Genre: Teen Fiction
ISBN: 978-0718157807No of Pages: 89 Size: 130 x 198 mm
Publication Date: 30th September 2013
Published by: Cassava Republic

Abayomi Hanif Mohammed
born in Lagos, Nigeria. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Lagos and is currently a junior resident doctor at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.
The Last Days at Forcados High is his first book.

  1. Jimi Solade way wards brother Wole is back to the house; a night before Jimi's resumption from the Summer holidays.
  2. First day at school after the summer holidays at Forcados High School
  3. Coker Efua, the new beautiful 'Mysterious' girl, resumes at Forcados College
  4. Jimi Solade joined his brother to a bar - drinks alcohol.
  5. Efua Cokers is the subject at Forcados College. Jimi Solade having a crush for the new girl; she is not paying him attention. What becomes of Caro - Jimi's girlfriend? Will he abandon her for Efua. Find out this and more by obtaining a copy of The last days at Forcados College
  6. Coker pays Nene a visit.
  7. Ms Agbenenovi, a youth corp member resumes her primary assignment at Forcados College.
  8. End of term activities at Forcados College.
  9. A bleak moment for Jimi and his family. Mrs Solade diagnosed of Cancer.
  10. Jimi finally gets some attention from Coker Efua. How did it happen? Find out from Chapter 10 of The Last days at Forcados College
  11. Mrs Solade Dies of Cancer.
  12. Mr Solade travels abroad, leaving Jimi and his brother Wole alone in the house.
  13. Nene get jealous of the attention Efua seems to get from Jimi and her visible acts of concerns towards Jimi
  14. A controversial entry in Efua diary subjects her and her favourite teacher "Novi" to scrutiny.
  15. Efua gets a one week suspension from the Forcados College and Corper Novi redeployed
  16. Nene visits Efua in the hospital. Begs for her forgiveness. In the process of reconciliation, Efua reveals the genesis of her hatred for boys.
  17. Jimi moves out of Ansa resident over their arguments over Jimi's ill treatment towards Efua.
  18. Forcados Chemistry lab broken into.
  19. Jimi Solade takes responsibility for the missing lab equipment. Efua stands by Jimi in his trying moments; she repaid his hostility and judgmental attitude towards her with love, good judgment. Ansa brushes his nervousness aside for once, "It can't be Jimi", he 'roared'.
  20. Jimi passed his final year exams in flying colours, gets a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering. Receives a letter from Efua. —End. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Directorate Headquarters

Yakubu Cowon House
Plot 416, Tigris Crescent off Aguiyi Ironsi Street
Maitama District
P.M.B. 138, Garki, Abuja.



1.This is to inform corps members registered under the 2014 Batch 'B' Stream II, who could not do the three- week orientation programme in August 2014 as a result of the Ebola scare, that arrangements have been concluded for them to participate in the forthcoming Batch ‘C’ Orientation programme scheduled to hold nationwide from 4-24 November, 2014.

2. This is to enable them get properly acquainted with the objectives and programmes of the NYSC and other procedures for proper induction into the scheme

3. Consequently, the affected Corps members are to report to the orientation camps in their current states of deployment on the 4th of November, 2014 unfailingly for the commencement of the three-week orientation course.

4. Please be informed that the Orientation Course is mandatory and not optional. You are therefore advised to proceed to the camp with the kits (NYSC uniforms) issued to you earlier as no other kit item will be issued.

5. You are to present your identity cards before admission into the camps. Details of the programme will be communicated by your NYSC State Coordinators.

6. All corps members who are billed to participate in the Batch 2014 orientation exercise are advised to check the details of camp venues and locations on the NYSC Website:,.

7. Please note that the following States; Abia, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Ekiti, FCT, Katsina, Kwara, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Rivers, and Sokoto States will in addition, host Stream II 2014 Batch ‘C’ Orientation as will be indicated in the call-up letters of the affected corps members from 26 November to 15 December 2014.

8. Corp members posted to Gombe will have their orientation in Niger state forthe 2"* stream starting from the 26* November to 15* December 2014. All affected corps members to note please.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note the following dates:

Commencement of Registration: Tuesday, 4th November, 2014.
Cut-off date for Registration: 12 midnight, Wednesday 5th November, 2014.
Swearing-in ceremony: Thursday, 6th November, 2014.
Official closing ceremony: Monday, 24"'November, 2014.

Commencement of Registration: Wednesday, 26th November, 2014.
Cut-off date for Registration: 12 midnight, Thursday 27th November, 2014
Swearing-in ceremony: Monday, lst December, 2014.
Official closing ceremony: Monday, 15th December, 2014.

10. The Director General Brig Gen JB Olawumi FSS MSS psc (+) fdc wishes all prospective corps members journey mercies to their respective camps and a memorable Orientation course.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to | Change | Update | Edit | Correct Your NYSC Date of Birth - [PICTURE]

1. Your must had successfully registered for the NYSC online application
click here on how to

2. You should be able to recall, the correct username ( an email address) and password used to register

Note: You can only change to the date of birth used in your waec certificate, that means your date of birth will be uploaded from waec website/server during the process of updating it.

1. Visit the NYSC website and click on Registration for Mobilization
2. Click on Resume Registration
3. Enter the email address and password you used to signup/register and click on resume

 4. Click on Change Date of Birth.

5. Type in the WAEC Verification Pin (18 digits) you bought from the bank - First Bank, Plc.
as at the time of writing this post, the official cost is N300

6. Select your Exam Type (May/June or Nov/Dec)
7. Select your Exam Year, it range from 1991 - till Date
8. Type in your Exam Number ( 7 digits - a combination of Your School Centre Number and Seat Number)

9. Click on Place request

The next page that load, Show your WAEC Details - the names and date of birth that was used to register you in

10. Finally, click on update Date of Birth.

Monday, August 25, 2014


(Jamb Accredited Registration Centre for 2014 UTME Online Processing)
6 Ejemudarho Street (situated at Fasco Table Water Building) Up-stare,
Opposite Okere Urhobo Kingdom Palace Main Gate,
Off Okumagba Avenue Road & Cinema Site/Junction,
Warri, Delta State.
mobile no: 08051311885

1.> Visit the NYSC website and click on the link "Prospective Corps Member" or click on the link below

2.>Fill in your necessary data.
The following are the data required to be supplied by you.
Names(Surname Other names): e.g. Umukoro Eseoghene Gift 
Email Address:
Confirm email Address:
Confirm Password:
Graduated from:
Choose Nigerian Institution or Foreign Institution as applicable
chose whether your Programme in tertiary institution was a Part-time or Full-time programme.

Finally, click on the continue button


Please remember your password; it will be used for subsequent visits to this portal

3.> A message appears, click on OK to continue

4.> Click on continue to Payment

5.> Enter your ATM Card Details and click on pay to make payment

6.> Enter your email address and password used to sign-up to continue registration

 7.> Capture your left and right finger thumb print and click on proceed to continue

More graphical step coming soon